Thursday, January 24, 2013

Circus Show

Ryan and Noel came to me shortly after getting engaged and told me that they wanted to have a party not a quote on quote "wedding". In Wedding Planner World this means Entertaining and Fun along with creative details in order to create a unique setting that would be the "Circus of their Dreams".
Below is the seating chart I created with Ryan and Noel. We pulled vintage clip art from the top 12 Circus's of all time and named the tables after them. Each table had farmers bouquet in mason jars with coke bottles and pin wheels along with a framed picture of there assigned circus. Programs for the bride and groom were passed out along with mini pinwheels for the guests to raise up during the ceremony. Special themed signage was created and placed through out the festivities with not a detail missed. We even constructed with the couple a personalized interactive photo booth backdrop with removable frames and character pop outs. We also did a homemade ring toss using wine bottles instead of milk bottles since the venue was a winery. My favorite element of the wedding was a price wheel we customized to be a dance wheel, so everytime a guest would spin it it would land on a fun dance move the Groom would have to perform on the spot! Great Time!and Great people! Over 700 feet of pendant flag banners{made by beautiful bride}was hung through out the Setting along with bold red curtains lining the point of entrance to the ceremony, cake and bar. The elements of detail are endless....Old fashioned pop corn bags were being passed around at cocktail hour along with mini corn dogs. 8twenty8 photography did a great job at capturing all the details I wish I could show you them all!!


Above: Custom Guest Book I did..{The Guest leave their thumbprints on this Hand drawn in pen and ink circus elephant}

Photography by 828 Studios
Coordinating and Design: Jennifer J

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