Thursday, January 24, 2013

Circus Show

Ryan and Noel came to me shortly after getting engaged and told me that they wanted to have a party not a quote on quote "wedding". In Wedding Planner World this means Entertaining and Fun along with creative details in order to create a unique setting that would be the "Circus of their Dreams".
Below is the seating chart I created with Ryan and Noel. We pulled vintage clip art from the top 12 Circus's of all time and named the tables after them. Each table had farmers bouquet in mason jars with coke bottles and pin wheels along with a framed picture of there assigned circus. Programs for the bride and groom were passed out along with mini pinwheels for the guests to raise up during the ceremony. Special themed signage was created and placed through out the festivities with not a detail missed. We even constructed with the couple a personalized interactive photo booth backdrop with removable frames and character pop outs. We also did a homemade ring toss using wine bottles instead of milk bottles since the venue was a winery. My favorite element of the wedding was a price wheel we customized to be a dance wheel, so everytime a guest would spin it it would land on a fun dance move the Groom would have to perform on the spot! Great Time!and Great people! Over 700 feet of pendant flag banners{made by beautiful bride}was hung through out the Setting along with bold red curtains lining the point of entrance to the ceremony, cake and bar. The elements of detail are endless....Old fashioned pop corn bags were being passed around at cocktail hour along with mini corn dogs. 8twenty8 photography did a great job at capturing all the details I wish I could show you them all!!


Above: Custom Guest Book I did..{The Guest leave their thumbprints on this Hand drawn in pen and ink circus elephant}

Photography by 828 Studios
Coordinating and Design: Jennifer J

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Island Girl { Bridal Bouquet }

This Particular job was a favor to a very dear friend of mine that I grew up with in Hawaii. She called me and asked me to create a bouquet for a friend getting married on a boat off the shore of New Port with just a few close friends and family members. My friends Jen lives up near Hollywood so I thought it would be fun to take the train up to deliver it, so I could make the most of the trip and enjoy myself. From there I took a subway which took me right to the edge of Korea town where her very eclectic apartment building sat right at the top of the subway which I found unconventionally convenient( I loved It:) ) . I had a wedding to work the next day so my trip was very short. I was able to have a bottle of wine and then wake up at dawn so I could catch the train back to San Diego and she would depart to give the beautiful Bride her bouquet.The Bride was happy and they sent me a photo from the boat which made me trip all worth it as this one little job will always be remembered as a true labor of love. 

love life!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

UP UP and AWAY...{ On my beautiful balloon }

I have recently been inspired by Holly Lauren's use of Turquoise and a recent brides love of Balloons...My new Summer line is fresh and fun and customizable to your style and personality. Colors, fonts, and basic layout can be changed as needed. Check out some of my other work at my Etsy Shop and mention the coupon blow for an additional 20% off your order.  Look forward to hearing from you! 

Be Happy! 

xoxo- Jennifer

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

RSVP: Spa- Licious { Fashion and Friends }

 { Homemade just for you }

I am very excited to be hosting an event filled with my closest Friends who just happen to be some of the most talented people I know! My "Home  Grown" events are meant to be local and fresh keeping ourselves linked with great style, good deals, and fun friends The best part about this event is that each and every vendor has some how or another been apart of my life for many many years and each compliments the next so you are sure to be styled out in Brooke Brumback's Jamberry Nails, while complimenting it with one of Holly Laurens new designer I phone cases or new line of summer bangles. just in time for summer Tess of Untamed Studio's has designed a new line of Bikini accessories and mexican Blanket Sarong's which have yet to be seen on your local beach( Its a mix of Bohemian Pirate Princess! ) and we are the first to see!  Melissa Benton of Skincare by Melissa will be bringing her mobile Waxing and Brow Bar for us to enjoy at mega friends discount while sipping summer fresh cocktails.  The atmosphere will be fun and fresh and give everyone a good opportunity to showcase their talents and skills. Other Village Businesses such as Tan By the Sea, Glance and Burlap Babe will be offering great deals and discount opportunities for guest of Spa-Licious. Alexis Maniscalco will be raffling off Amazing Hair and Facial treatments as well as I will be giving away a Party/Private Dinner Event Package.   All and All it should be a great night of pampering yourself! HOPE to see you there!

RSVP early to ensure your gift bag and schedule your Brow Bar with Melissa time slots from 6-9pm

Friday, May 4, 2012

Holly Lauren's in the house!! { A visit from my one of my favorite jewelry designers}

 {I Heart Holly Lauren }
I was thrilled this week when fashionista Holly Lauren came into my studio with a case full of goodies. I had been waiting for the past couple weeks for her new line of cell phone covers to come out and boy was it worth it!. I feel that we should start treating out cell phones as the accessories they are and we should be wearing them like we match our earrings and purses with out outfits! I am currently rockin the white  on white shown above but the gold and pink studs will be perfect for those days that when I sport my gold jewelry and my pink holly Lauren signature rosettes! Starting next week I will be carrying Holly Lauren and setting up consultations for any bride or client who would like an appointment to preview her new Bohemian Inspired Line and any of your custom wedding couture fantasies.

Jennifer J.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

WonkaVille { Inspirational Engagement Shoot}

This was an amazingly fun shoot I styled with Urban Style The Wedding Network and their amazing team of vendors(see below). Our goal was to take a childhood fantasy  an adult sophistication to create the ultimate in engagement fun! 
 If you are looking for a more than ordinary table.... Love Candy Tables( below )were amazing and she is so sweet( no pun intended)